Privacy Policy of the Website

We are collecting data of our website’s visitors in accordance with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, Law on Electronic Communications of the Republic of Lithuania and instructions of the controlling authorities. Similarly to majority of other websites, the Cleantech Cluster Lithuania website is also collecting data about visitors of It helps to understand, how useful the website’s information is and how it should be improved in the future.
When we are collecting data on the website, we are always following this Privacy Policy, where you can find thorough information about the data we collect, duration of their storage and persons, who have access to these data.
You have many rights that allow you controlling your privacy and we ensure that you would have an opportunity to use them. We endeavour at creating conditions for you to use your rights and thus you will find information below how to do this.
Take time to read this policy and contact us if you have any questions or comments about this policy.

Your data manager

Your personal data manager is Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park (hereinafter – SVSTP), code of public institution 126224832, 15 Saulėtekio ave., Vilnius.

What data we are collecting and how we are using them?

Website’s attendance statistics

We are constantly improving our website and want to make its usage easier. Therefore, we need to know what information is the most relevant for our visitors, how often they log in, what browsers and devices they are using, what content they read the most frequently, and from which regions they are – so similar demographical and statistical data are collected.
We are collecting this information using the automatic tool “Google Analytics” that allows us recording and analysing, how the visitors are using the website.
More information, how “Google Analytics” is operating and what kind of information this tool allows collecting and analysing is available here: answer/1012034?hl=lten&ref_topic=6157800
You may turn off the function of collection of your data at any time as described here:

Server’s records

The server, where the website is located, may also record the inquiries made to the server (address of the website you open, the device or browser you are using, your IP address and time of logging-in). These data are used for technical purposes – in order to ensure proper and safe operation of the website and to examine possible safety violations.
The ground for collection and usage of these data is lawful interest to ensure technical accessibility and safety of the website.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small textual element that the website saves in your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Therefore, the website may remember your actions and settings for certain period (such as user ID, language, font size and other visual settings)
so that you will not need to enter them repeatedly when the website is visited or its individual pages are browsed.

How are we using cookies?

The cookies are used to collect the data of your IP address and browsing, such as visited websites and time spent on each of them. Thus the website is able to remember your system and settings.
Other cookies allow monitoring the website’s flows and users’ actions in the website – these data are used for analysis of the visitors’ behaviour and for improvement of visit’s experience. These cookies are installed and used with the help of tool “Google Analytics”. The cookies are installed in your device only upon your consent, save for the cookies necessary exclusively for technical functioning of the website. It should be noted that if you do not allow the website to use cookies, some functions of the website may not be completely or partially available.
The legal ground to use cookies is lawful interest to ensure technical functioning of the website. If the cookies are used to memorize your options and to collect statistics, your consent serves as a legal ground for usage of cookies.

How to manage the cookies?

You may control and/or delete the cookies at any time – more information is available at You may delete all the cookies already present in the device; moreover, it is possible to set prohibition to install cookies in most of the browsers. However, if you do this, you will probably have to enter manually all the desired settings every time you visit the website. Moreover, some services and functions may not be available.


If you order our newsletter on the website SVSTP or provide your business or personal contact data otherwise, we will be able to send you the latest information, newsletters or invitations to the events.


We may use the statistical data of the website’s visitors in order to analyse the attendance and demographical tendencies; however, the website does not create individual personal profile for each visitor.

Who has access to Your data

The SVSTP employee working in the marketing and IT areas and responsible for the data analysis and website’s improvement may access the statistical data about the SVSTP visitors.
Besides, our partners may have access to the technical entries if they are providing website’s content management tools or hosting services.
The tool “Google Analytics” is granted by the company “Google Inc.” (the USA company), so it may also access statistical data collected using this tool. “Google Inc.” has undertaken to apply the principles of the EU-US Privacy Shield that guarantee that the service provider meets the requirements of the EU privacy standards. The contractual obligations to ensure privacy are also applicable to such a provider. More information is available at dataprocessingamendment_20160909.html.

How long we are keeping data

We use the collected data for analysis for up to three years.
The cookies are usually valid briefly (one day, one week or one month), but in some cases they may be valid for up to one year.

Your rights and their usage

You may turn off the cookies via your browser’s settings or by visiting the following:

Right to complain

If you believe that your rights to privacy have been violated, you may lodge a complaint to competent authority in the EU Member State of your residence. The contact data of such authorities are available at item_id=612080.


We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy. When any changes are made, the updated privacy protection statement will be posted on this website. It is recommended to review this privacy protection statement every time you visit the website so that you could get familiar with its latest version.